Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy day

We are off again to the (HOPEFULLY) last checkup for a while...I think we've spent the entire summer in a doctor's office or hospital! Lil is going this morning for chest x-rays to make sure the pneumonia is gone and then this afternoon we are going for her official allergy tests. You have no idea how much I dread this, but I hope it will give us a clearer picture as to what we need to do to help get Lilly healthy again! (We had a blood panel when she turned 12 months and found out the egg allegy but that only tested egg, milk, and peanuts.) Today will be a broad test to cover a variety of food and environmental allergies. Noah is staying with Mom today because this is a stressful test for any kids, especially an almost 2 year old who has just been put through the ringer twice with hospital stays! But I am being positive that I hope it will be over quickly and we can get on the road to where we need to be. As I've said before, I couldn't have any more confidence at all than I have in our allergist. She is wonderful and she really cares about my kids and that makes a world of difference.

We will hopefully brighten up the afternoon with some chicken nuggets (lilly is addicted to chicken nuggets), a visit from Nana, and then we're off to Kindergarten open house for Noah to "meet" his teachers...only not really because they've known him since the day he was born. We're all very excited, and I cannot believe it is school time. He's still my baby! Have a great day blogging buddies, and I'll update test results as I know them.

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The Butlers said...

Good luck to to Lilly today :-).