Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing New I suppose

So today's allergy tests were really nothing new. She still has a "significant" egg reaction as well as some environmental allergens that are probably worsening her asthma. We are going to keep her on a morning and night drug regimen to try to keep the symtoms under control and we will check back in the fall (when asthma tends to flare) and see if we need to add something stronger to the mix. However it was a LONG day. We did chest x-rays this morning and then ended up in the allergist office for nearly 3 hours. I had to wait close to an hour at CVS and then run straight home to get ready to run to Kindgarten openhouse.

After open house, the kids wanted to go to the park so I delivered a photo order to a customer and we played at the park for a while. I am worn out, and it is nearly 10pm and Noah is still going strong...we had been trying to get him into a set early bed time in preparation for next week but I think all the excitement of seeing his friends tonight at school has him wound up!!!

I cannot believe that this time next week we will be officially begun on Noah's school career!!! His little backpack and lunchbox came in the mail today and it is SO Cute!!! He was so funny when he saw it he said, "I have always wanted a backpack just like this!"

I also must add in this little comment about South Edmonson Elementary. I am so impressed with the amount of work they have done in preparation for Noah coming to school. They have adopted a peanut policy to keep the campus safe for him, and my sweet friend Carol organized the open house with snacks that were completely safe for him. He was SO excited to get to eat the same cookies as everyone else, he's used to us saying, "Noah you can't have those, we'll get some of your cookies in a second..." tonight he got to just be a regular kindergartener, not the kid with the food allergy! I really feel like the school year will be a successful one with all of the strategies they have in place!!! Thanks guys, you have NO IDEA how much this means to our family. Travis and I have talked every night this week about how lucky we are to be involved in a school system that has so much care and concern for it's students.


The Doyle Family said...

I'm just so glad that we have the official policy in place now so Noah can be safe. We love you all and I hope Noah has a safe and exciting year in his new kindergarten class! It still blows my mind that he is going to be in kindergarten!

Kimberly said...

I'm glad Lilly's test didn't show any surprises. Poor baby, she has sure had a rough few months. Maybe it'll be better from here on out. And I'm so glad you feel great about Noah's school. I can only imagine what a load that is off you. Kindergarten already-- where did the time go?

Carol said...

Jess, that is the VERY LEAST we can do! I am so glad that he enjoyed the did the other million people that came through the line! :-) Monday will be here before we know it, and our lives will forever be different! Exactly when did our babies grow up? Also, glad that Lilly's test came back to show that nothing is worse. That is a good thing! Love you guys!