Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Little Blessings!!!

We just got out of revival at Travis' church and thanks to my wonderful Mom, the kids stayed with her most of the services. Now, don't get me wrong, I think church is the most important place to take my children and I want them to grow up knowing that as a family, it is our main focus for our lives. However, day and night service with two very active kids is challenging to say the least.

Noah is fine at church, other than being a little too talkative with his buddies (he so can't remember what whispering is...) we pack up a drawing pad, a couple of crayons, some gummies, and his beloved rubber critters (frogs, turtles, etc) and we are good to go.

Ah but you're forgetting about princess...she is officially 21 months old. Translation...she is old enough to talk (and sing) LOUDLY, and squirm her heart out to get down and run the aisles and not old enough to understand why it is not appropriate to hold your dress up over your head and spin down the church pews while singing a rousing rendition of "Five Green and Speckled Frogs.."

The high point of the week was the night that Lilly Grace discovered that spitting large mouthfuls of milk down the front of her otherwise previously clean church dress was too much fun, especially because it got such disapproval from mom and dad. Oh did I mention, this one earned her a tiny smack on the leg which she rewarded us with by going into hysterics and wailing intermittently the rest of the service. Or perhaps, maybe it was when we were standing in the aisle waiting to go up and shake hands with the boys who had gotten saved and joined the church and Lil refused to stop pushing on the shoulder of the gentleman in front of us and saying, (in Lil talk which no one else understands) "Doh boy, doh," (Translations...go boy go)

But all joking aside, the services were wonderful and made me even more thankful for my friends and family.

BUT I did make the comment to one of my friends after a particularly challenging service with Lilly (think shrieking for Daddy up in the singing class only to refuse to go to him when he got back and then chewing up a rainbow assortment of Skittles to decorate your own dress with) that this revival gave me a new understanding for the song they sing, "It'll Be Worth it After All..."


Stephanie said...

You are so funny! My kids are still on the candy high from the countless bags of gummies, suckers, fruit rollups, and other candy they have ate all week!

Carol said...

Jess, you always make me laugh! Day and night services are hard on all of us, especially our little ones! I think they all did great!

Heather said...

That's hilarious. We've all been there and sometimes still are there. We don't have day and night service but I know just going every night for a week or two is hard on little ones. I'm sure they did great. I know everyone used to tell me, "You only notice it because it's yours." But I'm thinking, how in the world did you not notice. I love the mental picture I got when you were talking about Lilly with her little dress up and singing up and down the pew. Love it!!

The Butlers said...

Love this post Jessica! The "Doh boy" thing was hilarious. Like Stephanie said,I fed my boys so much candy this week!! I was hoping nobody noticed that I let Ethan have almost an entire box of fruit snacks in one service. At the time I was a little embarrassed, but it kept him quiet:). Oh, and I should also mention that Ethan LOVES starburst and has always been a great chewer and ate them fine. However, this week when every one was quiet he decided to gag on them twice and make all kinds of throwing up noises! Oh well...