Monday, July 6, 2009

Poor Baby Lilly

In case you guys had not heard, we are back in the hospital with Lilly Grace. I am posting this from a borrowed laptop at the Medical Center. Lilly started wheezing, coughing, struggling to breathe again on Sunday and we were up with her most of the night Sunday and brought her into the ER early Monday morning where she was admitted.

Her chest X-Rays show walking pneumonia (microplasm) and bronchitis which is worsened by asthma as well. This is the first time any physician has actually used the diagnosis of asthma to describe her, so I guess she's joining Mommy and Big Brother in having asthma.

Throughout the day today, her oxygen saturation levels have been up and down, but they have been giving her breathing treatments round the clock, as well as hooking her up to oxygen, and giving her steroids, antibiotics and fluids in her IV. She's being good natured about most of it, but she had a really hard time having the IV put in.

Anyway she is a pretty sick little lady but she is also very tired of having to be confined to a bed and an IV cart. It's getting very challenging trying to keep her still especially when she's pumped up with so many steroids.

Anyway, say a little prayer for Lilly tonight, we are hoping she starts turning around soon. Dr. Simmons is not really hopeful that she will get to come home tomorrow but she is thinking maybe the day after that.

Until then we are missing our own beds and showers and most of all missing Noah! But he sent his sis a new blanket and baby doll, and he and Nana and Papa are holding down the fort at home!

PS Thank you guys for everyone who has called or visited, we truly appreciate it!


Lori said...

Oh bless your heart! I feel for sweet Lilly! I know how hard it was on me, let alone a 1 yr old! A prayer has been said on her behalf and more will come your way. I work right by the Med Cntr - let me know if you all need anything! I'd be more than happy to at least bring you some decent food!

Erica Simpson said...

Saying a prayer for little Lilly!

Brittany said...

Bless her heart.....

I will say a prayer for little Lilly - hope she feels better soon! :)

If you need anything, I am just right down the road, please feel free to call 791-7643. You might need a good hot shower or a bed to rest......I would love to help out!

Love you guys!

Nan said...

I hope your little sweetie is feeling better soon and that you all get back to the comforts of home quickly!

Lesley said...

I'm so sorry Lilly is having to go through this again! Hope you guys had a decent night's rest last night. I'll call and check on you guys later today : ) Lesley

The Butlers said...

Poor Lilly!! And I feel so bad for you all too. I know you must be totally wore out right now. Please let me know if there is Anything we can do. Seriously, I have nothing planned for this week, so if you need me for anything just give me a call.

Carol said...

Jess, I am so sorry you all are having to go through this. PLEASE call if you need anything! Love you!