Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lil update

Today was Lilly's hospital follow-up. The doctor said they can still hear a whistling in her upper lung (where the pneumonia was near her heart) and that they want her to stay on breathing treatments. I was hoping today we would get to cut them down to just bedtime but we'll still be doing 4 different meds in a nebulizer a day along with a daily antihistamine to try to ease down some inflammation.

She actually is getting better at her nebulizer treatments, she has a mask that looks like a fish and we turn on a baby Einstein video and she tolerates it pretty well.

She is taking it all pretty well, but since coming home from the hospital she is not fond of sleeping in her crib. In the hospital, Travis or I would hold her all night so she didn't pull out her IV's and I think she got used to having us to cuddle all night, so we're trying to get her back to sleeping on her own. However, I am a little ashamed to admit that she is nearly 2 and we are still letting her drink out of a baby bottle occasionally. Around the time she stopped breastfeeding at 17 months was when she had the flu and since then it's been one sickness after another and honestly when the bottle soothes her when she's upset I don't have the heart to take it away. And when she was too sick to eat in the hospital I was grateful she'd drink that bottle!!!

We go for more chest x-rays and her allergy testing in two weeks so I'm hoping to get her on the road to feeling much better!!!


Carol said...

Oh the joys of the nebulizer! I think I hate that thing more than Evan does, but isn't it great that we have something, even if it is loud and time-consuming, that helps our babies when they can't breathe! Evan is old enough now to even tell me when he needs a treatment! Glad she's feeling better.

Wanda May said...

That is the most precious picture. You let that baby have her bottle. you know just what she needs and don't feel bad about it...will be thinking of her.

Heather said...

Don't worry about the bottle...When they're sick like that we do whatever we can to make them the most comfortable. I hope she continues to improve. Trace has to take a breathing treatment every night so we know all about those nebulizers.

Kimberly said...

I don't believe in arbitrary rules and deadlines when it comes to raising kids. You know what's best for Lilly, and if the bottle still works for her, don't feel bad about it. I think it was customary when we were little to let us have bottles until we were two and even after. It isn't like she'll go up to get her high school diploma with her bottle in her mouth. She'll get rid of it when she's ready. It's only a problem for cranky people who only know about parenting what they're told by so-called experts who think up new theories so they can have some reason to write a book. Don't be ashamed of offering your baby something that provides her comfort.