Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Sunbutter Oatmeal Cookies
This recipe is a must have for any body who is allergic to peanuts/tree nuts or who has an allergic child like us! (I make it with dairy products but it could EASILY be made dairy free as well.)

1 stick butter or margarine (use fleischmans unsalted margarine if dairy is an issue)
2 cups sugar
1/4 c Hershey's cocoa
1/2 c milk (you could substitute soy or rice milk)
1/2 cup Sunbutter (sunbutter is a peanut butter substitite made from Sunflower seeds. It is made in a nut free facility and you can order it online or I buy ours at Kroger in the organic food section, it smells just like peanut butter and tastes very very close)
2 1/2 cups old fashioned oats

combine butter, cocoa, milk and sugar and bring to a rolling boil. Cook for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add oats and sunbutter. Drop by spoonfuls onto was paper. Super easy!!!

Ironically enough, Noah doesn't like these and won't try sunbutter. I think he thinks it looks too much like the real thing. As a side note, many many food allergic individuals have food aversions to the things they are allergic to. So I'm not sure if the flavor of these turn him off just because of his peanut allergy or not. Either way, I don't push it. I make them and they're safe for him if he wants them or he can pass! We like them though!

I don't miss peanut butter. Really I don't, UNLESS you count Snickers, and Reeses cups, AND chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I'm more of the peanut butter candy kind of girl. I could care less about peanut butter sandwiches, etc. However, to keep my child safe we don't eat peanut products in our home. Travis will occasionally eat peanut butter crackers at work but he keeps a toothbrush and toothpaste there and he won't kiss the kiddos or drink after them or anything after he eats them.
So long story short, I ran across this recipe a long while back and kind of thought...hmm I'll try that sometime, then my friend DeAnna emailed it to me and reminded me I wanted to try it. So I did and the results were super!!! I bet I could have fooled the most addicted peanut butter lover ever.


Lesley said...

Yum! I loved the sunbutter when I tried it at your house!

At this moment I am working on Marlboro Man's favorite sandwhiches! Hope my gang likes them as much as your did!

Erica Simpson said...

I am loving your recipe posts-not so great for my trying not to gain tons though!

The Butlers said...

Okay, so I am sure since I reminded you of this and they turned out so great that you saved one for me...right? lol Just kidding. The first time I made no-bake cookies, Isaac refused to eat them, but this he tried them this time and loved them. Andy also has an aversion to things that remind him of nuts or typically have nuts in them. Pie crusts lots of time have nuts, so even when I fix a pie (obviously, with no nuts) Andy lots of times will not eat the crust.

Carol said...

Jess, this post is very Pioneer Woman-esque. :-) Love it!

Julie said...

Addison will not eat sunbutter either. I've tried it on several different things...maybe one day! Thanks for the recipe!