Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Nab a Husband

OK I'm sure that Travis married me for a couple of other reasons but this one is high on his list.

I even think I have blogged about this before but it bears repeating.

How to Make the Easiest Barbecue Ribs in the Universe and your husband will fall at your feet..

You need

uhh some ribs (western style or country style pork ribs)

a crock pot

an onion



Barbecue sauce (one day I'm going to get technical and make my own like the Neely's do...)

but for now bottles will suffice

OK now it gets really complicated...

Throw the ribs in the crockpot...salt and pepper it....

chop onion and throw it on top.

Put the lid on and let it cook all day long on low or part of the day long on high...

Do a little dance cause Dinner is almost done

At the end of the day when these are all done and juice take them out of the crockpot and drain off the juicy stuff. Put them either back in the pot and pour the sauce on them till it's hot OR lay them out on a baking pan and pour the sauce on top of them and cook in the oven till the sauce is hot.

Mash some potatoes and throw in some green beans and some rolls and you're done...

And if your kids don't have egg allergies cook that chocolate lava thing that Lesley blogged bout...

Seriously your husband/boyfriend/dad/brother/uncle/son/ will love you....

OK I suppose he will love you if he is a man like Travis who loves his meat and potatoes and looks for an excuse to wear overalls and will build you a house with his own two hands...and rock your babies to sleep...and make them go to church...and let them ride on his back...OK I could go on and on about the type of man you'll attract with these ribs but enough already...do yourself a favor and make them. I'm pretty sure he was thinking of these ribs when he bought me my anniversary band...

PS refer to my previous post and you will know that I will not eat these ribs. It's just a meat thing...sorry... my kids however love them too...and I think it gets to Travis that they cut in on his leftovers.

Final PS...I bought a dutch oven the other day. It's nifty and red and it's really really heavy. I also haven't cooked anything in it. I would try these ribs in it some day but they might not be as good and my husband might be compelled to leave me for a tall skinny blond...three things I am not. So I will stick with the crockpot and work on our 12th year of wedded bliss.


Lesley said...

YUM!!! What a post! If I didn't know better, I'd think you had your own Marlboro Man!

I am going to make THESE ribs before the week is up! Thanks for sharing!

Lava cakes have taken on a life of their own! ha! I guess I'm going to have to break down and share my latest PW discovery - "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever!" Oh my goodness, Jessica, it was HEAVEN on earth I kid you not!!

jparsley said...

Make them both...then invite me over without the kids and the hubby (mine I mean not yours) and we'll have a chocolate fest! I can't bring myself to cook goodies and then tell the kiddos they can't have them! I guess instead of Marlboro man I have skoal man...somehow it doesn't have the same ring to it does it...and our love story is much less exciting and we had way more fights...oh well..but our kids are punks!!! Ha!

Beth S said...


Now you tell me! I will start making these and passing them out to random men on the street. Maybe I'll be able to "nab a husband" sooner rather than later! Lol!