Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Temper Tantrum

Ummm I feel compelled to broach this subject more for my sanity than yours. If you have never encountered the world of two year old tantrums here goes...

Noah Thomas is NOT a perfect child. Wasn't when he was a toddler and he's not now. He's a work in progress. He's loud and rowdy and boisterous and well...he's all boy. BUT he never threw the type of tantrums that his little sister is becoming famous for.

Let me set up the scene. At any given moment of the day, if one thing doesn't go planned to little miss's schedule, she will proceed to lay herself out flat on the floor and stiffen out. Then she cries and screams and no amount of consoling helps. Everything I've read (and I've read alot) says that when a toddler throws a tantrum like this it's to get attention and gain control of the situation. So, you're supposed to ignore it. So I do or I try at least. Tuesday we had one that lasted 10 minutes. In reality 10 minutes is a very short amount of time but when you're listening to howling and screaming it's a long time. Really I'm not sure what else to do. You can't reason with her or even pick her up. So I let her throw her fit along with the wailing and gnashing of teeth and proceed with my business. This is all well and good at home. I'm not sure the people at Walmart will enjoy this kind of spectacle that I'm sure will happen eventually. My spur of the moment instinct is to pick her up and spank her little tail (yes we spank our children) but I think it would fuel the tantrum fire. So please, if anyone has a great suggestion for me please let me know.

The things that set off the tantrums are so random it's not even funny. Yesterday it was because I made her hold my hand while coming down the steps. Tuesday I still don't know what it was over. Today it was because I made her get down from climbing.

OK I don't' want you all to think I have a terror for a child and she is let run out of control. 99% of the time she is fun loving and happy and affectionate and spunky. She's a great eater, a fantastic sleeper, her vocabulary grows everyday, and she loves people. She's never met a stranger. She's fantastic at the doctor's office and for the dentist. She's right on target with where she should be as a two year old and unfortunately that includes the tantrums. Sigh....

In retrospect I do find it a little amusing that two year olds find this a solution to whatever situation is going wrong. I mean she's never seen anyone else lay flat on the floor and scream and wail. It's just a gut instinct I guess.
As a Mom, we've gone through a lot of phases together and I know that this is just a phase and as it is said I know "this too shall pass" but it sure is painful until it does!

Sidenote: No I didn't include a photo with this post. I'm certain it would make people fear for their lives and run for cover....just kidding!!!!


The Butlers said...

So sorry...Ethan does the exact same thing!! I generally try to do what you said, ignore it. However, Ethan is notorious for throwing them when we are trying to leave the house. I find this extremely frustrating. It takes half of my energy to get me and by big tummy out the door, so to force him to leave the house is a job. And it is also like you said, any other time he is such a sweet kid. I have got to remember to tell you sometime about the tantrum he threw in the mall a few months ago.

Stephanie said...

You are so right---this to will pass! Mollie only threw one good temper tantrum....she just happen to be 2 and it was over a "bunny suit" that she did not want to remove. It also happen to be in New York when we were having lunch with Marty's boss at the this day they still laugh about her "bunny suit!"