Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Random Order

I love...
my hubby
my kiddos
my mom and dad
my family
my church
my friends
my house
my pajamas
my camera
Olive Garden
rain on the roof
Barnes and Noble
getting my hair cut
Gone with the Wind
Sheryl Crowe
the color red
baby feet
my Cuisinart stand mixer
a clean house
yellow roses for no reason

I do not love
cleaning up after cooking
temper tantrums
full laundry hampers
cigarette smoke
going to the dentist
being sleepy
meat in general
spots that won't come out of clothes
the sound of ambulance sirens

and that concludes my segment of useless information about Jessica. Have a fantastic Tuesday.


Alicia Jane said...

Wow we have quite a bit in common! Love your posts and you! :)

Stephanie said...

You forgot your coffee:) I know you love your coffee!

Lesley said...

I was with you sister until you got to not loving the meat. You lost me there.

jparsley said...

I'm sorry about the meat thing, I try it just ain't happening. I can do chicken, and I like hamburgers...I've tried steak over and over I just can't do it. How could I have forgotten COFFEE??? It's so much a part of me I just forget. I have cut down to one tiny cup a day for baby's sake though...