Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Conundrum

Lately I have been pondering where exactly I will put this new baby. Let me clarify. I try to discuss with my darling husband about where we are going to locate this baby's room and he looks at me blankly and declares that I sound crazy because our house has 15 rooms and I'm asking him where we will put this baby.

I guess I should rephrase and say where is the most logical place to put this baby? All of our bedrooms aside from the master bedrooms are upstairs. However, only two of them are serving as actual bedrooms, (Noah and Lil's). The other ones are my office, a playroom for the kids and a family room. So here comes the confusing part. I refuse to do without a playroom at this point. Seriously, it would make more sense to do without a dining room at my house, that's how much we use the playroom. The office is my work area which I could relocate to the lower level of the house but it's located on the landing with a wrought iron stair rail instead of walls that separate it and I don't think that's appropriate for a child's bedroom. That leaves the big family room. It's big enough to accommodate 2 or 3 kids easily. So here are my options:

If baby #3 is a girl it will share Lilly's room...simple solution!

If baby #3 is a boy it will take Noah's old room and Noah being the oldest gets to relocate his bedroom into the big room and have a big boy bedroom/kids living room/computer/homework area to eventually be shared by all the kids. Reason for this is if baby #3 is a boy there will be 6 1/2 year age difference separating the two boys and I don't think it would be fair of me to ask a 14 yr old with a 6 year old? Does this make sense?

My final solution would be (if baby #3 is a boy) would actually make the kids happy now but I realize would not be a permanent solution. In a few years someone would have to move bedrooms again (probably when they outgrew the need for a toy room) would be for Noah and Lilly to share the big room as their shared bedroom. Then the new baby could have Noah's room and the other bedroom would serve as the family room/computer area.

Is this final solution crazy? Seriously I need some input. As an only child I never had to share a room (or anything else for that matter) with anyone. Is it more fair to move everyone so everyone can have their own room?!? Is it silly to put a boy/girl room together (Even though there is some bedding in the pottery barn book that is so stinking cute I can't stand it?)

I realize I should probably wait until next month when we hopefully find out the gender of baby #3 to figure all this out but I would still like to have some input.

Travis says no problem, we can line up bunk beds in the big room upstairs and have as many kids as we want...I hope he has a plan to send them to college!


Lesley said...

My head is spinning! I honestly am terrible at this sort of problem. I think any of the options would work AND I think you can just put the baby bed in your bedroom for a while since you'll want it close to you and you have a large bedroom. In my opinion there is not reason to move the bigger kids around for a while.

The Butlers said...

I was actually just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you had decided what to do about the rooms. I'm with Lesley, I think any of your ideas would work. And now that I have a play room at our house...I agree they are much more essential than a dining room!
By the way, that picture of the boy/girl room is adorable!!

Beth S said...

Jess you are forgetting one small detail! Where is the Nanny aka Aunt Beth's room going to be??

Melissa Newkirk said...

I'm with Lesley, thinking that you'll want the baby as close to you as possible, so why not put a crib in your room and wait for awhile before shifting everyone around. As a little sister, I would have NEVER wanted to share a room with my brother (cute bedding or not), so I would vote no to that idea; however, your kiddos may actually get along and that plan work well.

Alicia Jane said...

Well to me I think the idea of Noah having the big ol' room is a good idea but I am the oldest in my family so I might just be biased :)

Heather said...

I agree with Lesley on putting the crib in your room since your room is downstairs...cause how much time will it really spend in there anyway?? As for the boy/girl room, it's really cute BUT I think it would be hard for a boy and girl to share a room. Especially with Noah getting older. He'll be wanting his own space with no frilly girl stuff in it:o) But that's just my have to do what works for you!